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Offering a No Closing Cost program for those selling their homes with Listed.com will save consumers significant money and provide them with access to even more options for purchasing a new home. - Robert Palmer

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As a Robert Palmer Company, Listed.com is a Real Estate Brokerage you can trust.

With home inventory at all-time lows, home buyers are having a hard time finding their dream homes. Competition is fierce and homes in many areas are selling quickly and in many cases over the listing price. At Listed.com, we help sellers by paying their Closing Costs and in the process help buyers by increasing the available inventory of homes on the market. Sellers can save even more when they purchase their next home with Listed.com. This one-stop-approach can save you more than $12,200 and offer a smooth transition from one home to another. Call today to get started.

Where does the money come from that pays my seller Closing Costs?

RP Funding revolutionized the mortgage industry by eliminating the need for consumers to pay Closing Costs on refinance. Listed.com is now applying the same techniques, technology and cost structure to the real estate industry as RP Funding did to the mortgage industry. Over the last 10 years, technology has reduced the costs for real estate brokerages, but instead of passing these savings back to consumers, the industry has used them to pay BIG COMMISSIONS to their sales agents (just like the mortgage industry). Using the same principles that made RP Funding successful, Listed.com doesn’t have to pay out BIG COMMISSIONS to our sales agents, so we can pay your Closing Costs instead.

I feel like my last real estate agent did not do much to sell my home. What will Listed.com do?

Most real estate agents just put a sign in the yard and your home in the MLS. This will automatically populate it to thousands of websites, so it can be seen by people already searching for homes to buy, but this is not enough anymore.

For your home to stand out, Listed.com uses creative marketing including: running TV and radio commercials to drive consumers to Listed.com to find your home. Then, we deploy our direct mail, flyers, door hangers and paid digital advertising, all featuring your house. To learn more about Listed.com’s innovative approach to marketing your home, download the Listed.com Marketing Plan here.

How will Listed.com determine an accurate value of my home to know how to price it?

Listed.com's leadership has deep roots in understanding property values across Central and Northern Florida. Listed.com benefits from 3 sister companies' expertise: (1) RP Funding, my mortgage company, has provided more than 70,000 mortgage quotes to consumers over the past decade, and understanding accurate property values is critical to RP Funding’s success. (2) ARMR Appraisals, my appraisal management company, is involved in the appraising of more than 5,000 Florida homes per year. And (3) HomeValue.com uses big data and analytics to understand home values, hot features and neighborhood level trends. All of this expertise helps Listed.com guide you to make an accurate decision about properly pricing your home.

Can Listed.com help me to find my next home?

Yes! For most of our clients, this is exactly what we do. Combined you can save $12,200 in Closing Costs when you sell and buy your next home. By bundling Listed.com and RP Funding, you can rest assured that the closing of your old home, the closing of your new home, and your mortgage financing will be one seamless process. Most importantly, you are able to maximize savings because you will not have three different companies all trying to make a profit on your three different transactions. Start your home selling process today at Listed.com.

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