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In the past ten years, RP Funding has completely changed the mortgage process and I’m confident that will achieve the same results for both buyers and sellers. - Robert Palmer

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Where does the money come from to pay my Closing Costs?

RP Funding revolutionized the mortgage industry by eliminating the need for consumers to pay Closing Costs on a refinance. is now applying the same techniques, technology and cost structure to the Real Estate Industry. Over the last 10 years, technology has reduced the cost for real estate brokerages, but instead of passing these savings back to consumers, the industry has used them to pay BIG COMMISSIONS to their sales agents (just like the mortgage industry). Using the same principles that made RP Funding so successful, doesn’t have to pay the BIG COMMISSIONS to our sales agents, so we can pay your Closing Costs instead.

Further by bundling RP Funding and together, we are cutting the BIG COMMISSIONS out of two industries in a single transaction - this allows us to maximize the savings for you.

How is the process different to buy a home with and RP Funding?

We’ve taken the traditional real estate agent’s role and made it better through technology, scale and specialization. Instead of a single real estate agent trying to master the many different facets of the transaction, our agents serve specialized roles, so they can be experts at their portion of the transaction. In addition, our technology creates a seamless integration between the staff at and RP Funding making the transaction smoother and faster for you.

Specialized roles of agents:

  • Showing Agent

    Our showing agents focus on just one thing, helping you find the perfect home and touring that home with you. Our showing agents don’t try to submit an offer on the hood of their car, or negotiate the contract while showing houses, their specialized roles lets them focus on you and your home tours.

  • Selling Agent

    The selling agent is a negotiation and contract expert. Our Selling Agents negotiate 20x the number of contracts of the average real estate agent each month. This gives them more insight into market conditions and the skills needed to make sure your offer is accepted. Our Selling Agents don’t show houses or give tours, allowing them to focus all of their efforts on the negotiations and contract part of your transaction.

  • Attorney

    Our Staff Attorneys review critical documents which helps us to guide you through your real estate transaction with confidence. No one likes surprises at the closing table and our attorneys are always protecting your interests.

  • Transaction Coordinator

    Our Transaction Coordinators shepherd your real estate transaction from the beginning of the process to the signing of your final documents. They serve as the quarterback keeping all the parties on the same page as you move through the process.

Does RP Funding raise my rate to pay my Closing Costs when I bundle with

Never! All RP Funding customers' rates are calculated the exact same way. Our pricing algorithm does not consider the Closing Costs. The customers who are not eligible for a No Closing Cost loan receive the same rate as the customers whose Closing Costs we pay.

We leverage our efficiencies, lower commissions (both mortgage and real estate), volume, scale and brand to pay your Closing Costs.

Can help me sell my current home and buy my next home?

Yes! For most of our clients, this is exactly what we do. Combined you will save an average of $12,200 in Closing Costs when you sell and buy your next home with By bundling and RP Funding, you can rest assured that the closing of your old home, the closing of your new home, and your mortgage financing will be one seamless process. Most importantly, you are able to maximize savings because there are not three different companies all trying to make a profit on your three different transactions. Start your home selling process today.

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